Looking for a document we've mentioned. Look no further. Click the links below to view the files described.

This is the Comprehensive Plan file. The Edgefield County Comprehensive Plan is the blueprint for the direction of the county over the next 20-30 years. It is the driving factor in how our county is to look, feel, and operate. All subsequent documents must match-up with the Comprehensive Plan.

This is the Strategic Plan file. Not really sure what its purpose is.

This is the LMO Public Involvement Plan. Sounds pretty boring but it's very enlightening. While they list local residents, property owners, and business owners as the first group of people they want to include in the process, the rest of the list includes expected government departments, offices, commissions, and boards at all levels (local, regional, and state), there are also Homeowners and Realtors Associations included. I wonder, since there was only one person on the next file that is listed as "private citizen," how many of the residents they actually heard from.