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Brief summary of February 4, 2020, County Council Meeting

Comprehensive Plan & Land Management Ordinance (zoning) High Density Subdivisions 

​​The LMO (Land Management Ordinance (zoning) Steering Committee schedule

Election year is here 

The Edgefield County Board of Education Web Site

County-wide Reassessment Program

Verizon Cell Tower Approved, November 14, 2019 

Liaison assignments for County Council members

LMO Steering Committee Members

Edgefield County Council Retreat Presentations

Brief summary of February 4, 2020, County Council Meeting


  • Tavern Hill passed. Build to begin in the fall.

  • MOA with SCDOT for EC to assist with road clearing following a declared emergency in order for EC to receive reimbursement from FEMA.

  • Approved resolution of support endorsing establishment of a Rails to Trails System and authorizing Chairman to negotiate with RR for acquisition of abandoned RR right of way.

  • Green Dot program waste management program eliminated.

  • Approved spending up to $33,000 for upgrade to technology for council chambers to allow for live streaming meetings to include larger screen tv for presentations.

  • Moved the recreation fund and millage to General Fund. Moved Hospital Fund and millage to general fund.

  • Proposal for transferring Litter Control Officer from Sheriff's Office to the County Administrator to be considered in 2020-2021 budget.

  • Approved resolution to create a Commission for the Capital Project Sales Tax. County Council approved 3 members: Genia Blackwell, T.C. McCain and Buddy Hodges. Edgefield will appoint one member and that individual will appoint 2 others (probably 1 from Johnston and 1 from Trenton). The capital project is estimated to bring in revenue of $15 million over a period of 8 years. Once determined what this will be used to fund it will become a referendum on the ballot for this year's election. Most pressing issue is a new jail, magistrate office, etc.

  • During the County Council Retreat a presentation was made by a representative of Compass Municipal Advisors, LLC regarding Capital Project Funding (full Retreat presentations can be found here on this page). Chairman Cooper and Vice Chairman Talbert will meet with that representative to discuss funding potentials. 

  • During executive session Council discussed and then approved retaining an outside attorney to handle the Capital Project Sales Tax ballot preparation.

  • Placement of entrance signs to the County was discussed as was the importance of completing the Census for 2020 which will begin in the County March 12th.

  • Apparently the role of Will Williams, Director of Aiken, Edgefield, Saluda Economic Development Partnership, has been expanded to not only promote industrial development but has now taken on the retail development as well as he will be attending a retail and shopping center expo in an effort to lure potential shopping center investors.

Comprehensive Plan & Land Management Ordinance (zoning) High Density Subdivisions 

Edgefield County approved a new Comprehensive Plan as amended June 2019. Click the link to the right to read the entire plan. 

  • The beginning portion shows data from the 2010 Census plus projections.  

  • Chapter 7 begins the Land Use Information with categories and explanations. 

  • Chapter 9 shows the Priority Investment Program. The last page shows  the future Land Use Plan (zoning) map. 

​June, 2019, at the 3rd reading for the Comprehensive Plan (see approved minutes PDF here, the following changes conversation starts at the bottom of page 5), the Plan was amended:

  • FROM: "Average lot size may vary from 1/2 acre to 2 or 3‐acre lots depending on sewer service or requirements for septic tank fields. Some areas within this category may have deeper lots to ensure building and septic field site development."

  • ​TO: Suburban Residential – "This category indicates single-family residential land uses and lots in a suburban scale subdivision pattern typical of development from the 1950’s to the 1990’s." 

  • NOTE: The approved change now says, "Natural conditions, connectivity to utilities, and the market are to determine lot sizes. Some areas within this category may have deeper lots to ensure building and septic field site development." 


The results of this change allowed for higher density housing to be utilized for the Windsor Subdivision and Tavern Hill, up for its 3rd reading on February 4th during the County Council meeting (see Meetings + Events for meeting details).  This category definition leaves it open to broad interpretation and flexibility for the developer and decision makers.  This change directly took out the protections from high density that citizens specifically requested and that existed prior to the change in language.

The Land Management Ordinance (zoning) is currently in the latter stages of the process. The Planning Commission and Steering Committee are working with the Consultant to recommend to County Council new Land Management Ordinance guidelines for future development. You can click on the LMO comparison to view the different categories being used in other areas to see what is being considered for our County. This process will determine the categories; what is contained in those categories; and what is allowed, what is not allowed, and where these zoning areas are located in the  County. Check here for the current draft being considered by the Steering Committee.  

​​The LMO (Land Management Ordinance (zoning) Steering Committee schedule can be found on the Meetings + Events page. Any questions regarding the LMO Steering Committee should be directed to the County’s Planner Kevin Singletary

Election year is here. 

Make sure you are registered, check your status, check out the rules and regulations, and if you have a desire to serve read the instructions and get moving!!


​Election Information Links:

Edgefield County Election Information  


Election Calendar

Register on line 

South Carolina authorized new voting machines and the Edgefield County Voter Registration has a new voting system demo available to the public for for anyone that would like to test it out. They are located at 210 Penn Street, Edgefield. The demo will be available to the public through the middle of Jauary 2020. This is also where you can register to vote or check if your voter registration information is current.

The Edgefield county Board of Education's website

has been updated to include this Referendum Page. This update shows the progress made with the bond that voters passed November 2018. Take a moment or two to look this over.

County-wide Reassessment Program

Edgefield County is in the process of a Countywide Reassessment Program which all counties are required to implement every five years under South Carolina law. The current reassessment is expected to be completed by December 31, 2020. You can get more information here.

Verizon Cell Tower Approved, November 14, 2019 
The Tower will be located adjacent to the Merriwether Fire Department on Martintown Road.

  • Construction should begin soon and  service is scheduled to be  available EARLY IN 2020.

Liaison assignments for County Council members:

Fire Board : Cooper
Hospital Board of Trustees : Kennion
Planning Commission : Biggs 
County Transportation Committee : Kennion 
Countywide Recreation Committee : Kennion 
Economic Development Committee : Cooper & Talbert 
Tri-County Sanitary Landfill Committee : Campbell & Talbert 
Three Rivers Solid Waste : Campbell 
Upper Savannah Council of Government : Cooper & Talbert 
ARTS Citizens Advisory Committee : Biggs & Cooper 

LMO Steering Committee Members:

James Burt

John Hare

Arthur Biggs

James Johnson

Franklin Gabriel

James Oliver

George Thornton

Buddy Smith

Kevin O’Gorman

Brett McNeill

Tracy Freeman

Charles Blackston

Edgefield County Council Retreat Presentations

Each of the 7 files is a PDF of the presentations given at the County Council Retreat in January.

Capital Funding Presentation Draft

Capital Project Sales Tax (CPST)

Edgefield County Recreation Program

FY 2020-2021 Budget Calendar

Heritage Preservation Trust

Land Management Ordinance

Rail Trail

Click the Adobe PDF icon to view the following

Edgefield County files:

Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Plan

LMO Public Involvement Plan

LMO Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

LMO Ordinance Comparisons


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