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Liaison assignments for County Council members:

When the new 2021 assignments are made will post: 

Not posted yet current 3-21-21 posts: here 

Fire Board : Cooper
Hospital Board of Trustees : Kennion
Planning Commission : 
County Transportation Committee : Kennion 
Countywide Recreation Committee : Kennion 
Economic Development Committee : Cooper & Talbert 
Tri-County Sanitary Landfill Committee : Campbell & Talbert 
Three Rivers Solid Waste : Campbell 
Upper Savannah Council of Government : Cooper & Talbert 
ARTS Citizens Advisory Committee : Campbell & Cooper 

LMO (Zoning) Steering Committee Members:

James Burt

John Hare

Arthur Biggs

James Johnson

Franklin Gabriel

James Oliver

George Thornton   -resigned

Buddy Smith

Kevin O’Gorman

Brett McNeill

Tracy Freeman

Charles Blackston

Edgefield County Council Retreat Presentations

Each of the 7 files is a PDF of the presentations given at the County Council Retreat in January.

Capital Funding Presentation Draft

Capital Project Sales Tax (CPST)

Edgefield County Recreation Program

FY 2020-2021 Budget Calendar

Heritage Preservation Trust

Land Management Ordinance

Rail Trail


Others are seeking the peace we have here in our rural countryside.  We have always welcomed quality growth. The fast growth we are currently experiencing does not fit in harmony with the surrounding communities.   This is what citizens stressed as the most desired feature in the Comprehensive Plan.    At the November meeting, Mr. Jim Oliver, voted Planning Commission chair, suggested a pause for any more developments until the LMO Zoning be completed otherwise he stated that they might as well raise their hands right then and simply say they all were approved.  He understood that the Planning Commissions hands were tied.  At that meeting Mr. Oliver and Mr. Gabriel voted against the Anniston Point subdivision stating they did not believe it met the Comprehensive Plan as being harmonious with the surrounding area. 

 Citizens have stated time and again we do not want to be the next Columbia County.
What many may not know is that all the developer has to do is bring the application in, go through the process and they have 2 years to even begin the building process and should something happen to stop the process it can just sit and will not have to go through another process unless there is a major change to the development plan. 
For too long citizens have taken a back seat to what is happening.  If we turly care about our County and our way of life then we must step up, step out and express our desires.




Regulation Documents   -               here

 Check your proposed zoning

  Interactive Map                                here


 1.  Upper left hand box - put  your property address 

 2.  Upper right hand  menu box        map key

 3.  Upper right hand 2nd menu box   two choices            proposed zoning and  current zoning.

       (click one at a time to see  changes)

Sec. 24-29 Zoning categories:

Which are you?

     RR, RD, GR, GC, ID, LC

 Chose your zone and follow  down  the column 

Read through the Permitted Land Use Table  - P means it is permitted in your zone

Is this what you want in your community?



Zoning : The LMO was scrapped and the Development Regulation Process began. 

The Planning Commission with the assistance of Roger LeDuc  reviewed & edited some of the development codes which can be found at the document link above. 

The Planning Commission development regulation process was to look at each district separately and the ordinances, a few at a time. These have now been presented to County Council for their review and approval. 


Originally the zoning covered the whole County.  Council members listened to their constituents and  Districts 1 - Albert Talbert, 2 - Tiffany Ireland, 3 - Dean Campbell,  and 4 - Jackie Kennion removed some those zones.  District 5 - Scott Cooper's district remains zoned in its entirety.  




County Council meetings: 

December 7, 2021 - 1st reading 

January  4, 2022 - 2nd reading 

February 1, 2022 - 3rd and final reading- regulations and zoning become law!!!!!!!

This was the LMO documents that has now been changed:

Documents related to  Planning Commission Steering Committee  Meetings:   LMO- Zoning    

LMO Steering Committee Meeting _ Mr. Ford's presentation. 

February 25, 2020

Video here

Agenda Minutes (Feb) -                                                      here

  • Zoning District Summary -                                             here

  • Zoning Map - Full County Zoning New Draft  -                 here

  • Zoning Map - Comprehensive Plan with Densities -           here 

  • Full Information :  Zoning Draft - full version                     here   



Census results are in  - County Council districts will change according to what that census information reveals.  School districts will likely change as well.  This data will be used for the next 10 years for planning and will allocate resources.  February should have the redistricting set.  

Election year hangs in the balance.  March  2022  is the deadline for candidate filing for the various offices.  Let us pray for guidance and representatives who will serve the wishes of the people they take an oath to serve.


 We must stay informed, aware of those issues that affect us, our children, grandchildren and future generations.  Let us work together for a successful future.



two to look this over.

Redistricting - State, Federal, County Council & School

Reassessment tax bills this year. 

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Edgefield County files:

Comprehensive Plan

Strategic Plan

LMO Public Involvement Plan

LMO Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

LMO Ordinance Comparisons